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Written Testimonies

​I have learnt what my orphan thinking was and I have dealt with it. I have gained a lot from using the River of Mercy to release all the things that have kept me from being blessed, God has shown me what my true identity is and I will go out now knowing what my identity and purpose is in life. I know that the Lord will bless me in every area in my life while keeping my faith in Him.


​I’ve handed to the Lord (put into the river of Mercy) the stronghold of abandonment / rejection. Praise God!


​I’ve been freed of shame and unforgiveness. From now on I will be walking in God’s mercy and grace.


​I feel that this course has brought me into a fresh and new understanding of judgement / shame and mercy / honour. It has brought me freedom and a new hope to continue my walk with God with new promises, and freshness.


​God has revealed to me how to surrender to His will. I have broken strongholds and curses and feel physically lighter and I am expectant. I am equipped with the ‘River of Mercy’ therefore there is less apprehension of things to come.


​I never realised the extent to which judgement was a part of my life and the impact it had over my life and those around me and those I judged. Having repented of that judgement and received God’s forgiveness and mercy has given me new freedom in my relationships and an increased ability to love people, and myself.


​Shame and judgement are removed, honour and mercy has been restored and I am positioned to be a channel of the Father’s blessing. I am now a changed, whole son of the Most High. Thank you!


​I have been set free from hurt and disappointment. It felt like I lost the joy of my salvation... but I am now re-positioned to walk in the fullness of His BLESSINGS... faith, peace, joy, rest... I can now place people in the River of Mercy.


The river of mercy has changed my life forever! And establishing Jesus as my husband has given me all the peace I need.

Knowing the word and applying it turned my life from darkness to light, but Woman Of Peace has given me every tool to have the most solid foundation to move into a whole new season of song and dance before His throne. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


​I feel like doorways to a brighter tomorrow have been flung open to me. A tomorrow with no guilt, no shame and no more ties with a broken past. I feel elated - as if the air I am breathing is fresher like all the weight has been lifted from my shoulders and that I now have the ability to give blessing and mercy openly and truthfully to people in my life.


​This Course has helped me in dealing with the root cause of my problems. It made me strive to being a resemblance of a child of God and reminded me of the mercy and love of God and the importance of forgiving and blessing those who trespass against me. Revealed in me that God does bless and answer my prayer. I just had to have an open loving heart and do His will.


​New hope for the future. Realised I must have more mercy and more love. I am still clay and God needs me to be a witness. I must not worry about other’s remarks – I am God’s child. Let the river of God’s love flow to others.


​It was so incredible to hear and understand the river of mercy is and entails. To be set free from strongholds and to understand that I am favoured by God and that God’s blessings are also for me so that I to can be a blessing to others. To exchange shame for honour, and judgement for mercy, I am free!


​I commenced the course with high expectations but then struggled to reach breakthrough until Friday night. What an awesome experience! Father God took me from control and shy ness and fear of embarrassment to a total loss of control. In the river of mercy I experienced repentance, forgiveness, love and tenderness. My body went into a violent spasms when Athony raised self-judgement and I felt, at first resistance and then total release. The experience of intimacy with God was awesome. I could not see God clearly but felt immense joy at the sensation of swimming in a care-free manner, fully immersed in the river and then rocking with deep laughter at the sensation of being rocked to and fro like a baby.


​It has been a life-changing experience, feeling the hand of God moving through my life, removing all the anger, bitterness and shame and replacing it with love, joy and peace. The river of mercy, letting go and letting God have His way in my life, -the course was awesome!


Mercy, mercy, mercy is the answer to our “Judgmental attitude”. The sacrifice of the cross and the mercy that flowed from it has become our solution! The beauty of the pomegranate fruit is an expression of the shining and eternal deliverance brought to us. Mercy the ingredient that makes all things possible by applying it to all our personal experience and by forgiving our enemies! Sending out the Spirit of Mercy forgiving them and releasing oneself from the bondage and curse caused by hurt and disappointment both parties are set free!

On arriving home I showed Basil the books I had purchased and Basil started reading The Two Kingdoms. When we awoke the following morning he said to me “This is the answer” I asked him how are we going to change from Judgement and Criticism to Mercy and Honour he clicked his figure and said just like that?! Well the day after I heard your message it was as simple as that, once you send them into the river of Mercy it is over!! Hallelujah! Our King is faithful and true and whatever He says, He will do! A lot happens over the period of 30 years and yet as we yield to the Holy Spirit to reveal who is next, mercy is released! Amazing too amazing!!

I agree with Drummond that he has never met anyone as committed and with such passion as you! You are a reflection of my hearts desire. I have seen in you the longing of my heart become fleshed out! And that has been most encouraging. You are both such an amazing couple! The anointing that flows from you during your teaching sessions is tangible and delightful!! That is what will heal the broken and confused hearts! Showing the Mercy shown to us will heal the Nations of their pain tears and fears!

Basil and Reinette Kellar
This book had a great impact on my relationship with my parents. After many years of frustration and avoiding each other, the choice to use the principles in this book are steadily changing our relationship for good. SO blessed by this book.

If ever there is a Life-changing lesson, the MERCY teaching is in the No. 1 SPOT!

Fifteen years ago now, we were in our thirties, with soaring careers and making our mark on the worldly stage. At home, were beautiful young children and our marriage was falling apart.

Before finalising divorce proceedings we attended the Anointed Marriage course at Family Transformations.

Applying the Teaching on Judgement and Mercy, now easily accessible on-line and in the MERCY Book, transformed our lives and our marriage. We all need to learn to release MERCY, and often over and over again. I cannot begin to count how many people (especially family members and colleagues) in my life I have literally “almost drowned” in the RIVER OF MERCY! The HOLY SPIRIT does the rest! I am no longer in ‘bondage’ and ‘judgement’ of those who judge me or hurt me … and WHEN GOD IS WITH YOU, WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU!

Relationships have been restored and actually renewed, not the ‘same old’ being patched up … not at all, but new Godly relationships with key people in our lives, our ‘in-laws’, now family ‘in Grace’, even with those for whom we continue to pray, to come to know God as he intends us to.

I need to REMIND myself daily, so that I continue to Practise Releasing Mercy, when necessary and NOT Judging others, in my ‘old habits’. This WALK, that has brought us closer to each other as a couple than we could ever have imagined, brought healing to our hearts, minds and family. It’s a journey that I cannot describe in words. A Journey and a Walk Closer to God and the Holy Spirit and with HIM at my side, and in me, ALL IS POSSIBLE!

We have had our “I MOMENTS” and the wheels get rickety (but the wheels never fall off!) … I thank God for HIS MERCY and LOVE for me, all of us, and HIS Heart for Family. We do from time to time need to be reminded, to seek HIS WORD and MERCY. I thank the leaders and friends to whom we are accountable, who point out, with GRACE, when and where we fall short … but these “I MOMENTS” are further and further apart and GOD’s Blessings are ABUNDANT.

Fifteen years ago, I could not even imagine our life and relationships as it is today. Reading and living these teachings is a continuous journey to HEALING, HAPPINESS and FULFILMENT!


​Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much this book help me in so many ways ,and is still helping me even now everyday i pray for river of mercy to wash over me and my family


Thank you! thank you! thank you! for what God has done and what He is doing, and STILL going to do! 


​"I just finished reading your book "Living in God's River of Mercy." Wow! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from heart! For the first time in 50 years, I have released my parents and my sister into the river of mercy. Thank you for your message of freedom through forgiveness and through being a channel of His mercy to others. May God richly bless your ministry!" 


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